New Belgium Introduces Wood Cellar Reserve - Le Kriek Noir

26 June 2017

imageWe brought you an early peek, but this from New Belgium:

The Wood Cellar Reserve is a series of very rare, small-batch wild and sour ales expertly aged by the most award-winning sour brewery in America. From individual barrel expressions, fruit and spice experimentation and fermentation explorations, the Wood Cellar Reserve represents our most ambitious efforts in our two biggest passions – wood and beer. Learn more and get tickets to the July 29 launch party.


Bear Republic Apex Special IPA™ Coming in Six-Packs

imageFrom Bear Republic:

Sonoma County, CA (June 26, 2017)—With Summer in full swing, Bear Republic’s seasonal offering, Apex, is back to play. As part of Bear Republic’s Double IPA Series, this IPA (India Pale Ale) will be available for a limited time only, July through September. 

A Strong IPA, Apex is full-bodied and packed full of hops.  

Brewmaster and COO, Richard G. Norgrove, states “We hope you enjoy our 2017 offering of Apex. This year’s version highlights some of our favorite hops, First Gold; Ella; Hallertau Blanc; Hull Melon; and Cascade.”
Rich and hoppy, this beer represents Bear Republic’s search for the elusive apex of malt and hops.

Norgrove continued, “Each year this beer focuses on different hops. It’s also what makes this beer so awesome to brew and to drink. I hope our fans continue to enjoy this journey, along with me.”

Making the ideal companion to your summer meal, Apex pairs perfectly with spicy and savory dishes. Hard and aged cheeses also act as a wonderful balance to the beer.

Apex will be distributed for a limited time to all available markets in draft, 6-packs, and 22 oz. bottles.

Bear Republic’s Healdsburg brewpub will have Apex available on tap beginning Friday, June 30, at 5:00 pm.


Cascade Brewing Releases Figaro 2015 in Bottles & On Draft

imageFrom Cascade


PORTLAND, OR . – Cascade Brewing will release its Figaro 2015 project on June 27 at Noon PDT. It will be available in bottle and draft in house at its two pubs: the Cascade Brewing Barrel House and the Raccoon Lodge, as well as through its distribution channels. 

The Figaro project is a blend of sour strong blond ales aged in chardonnay barrels for up to 18 months with white figs, lemon peel and orange peel. Cascade begins this blend with freshly emptied chardonnay barrels from the Willamette Valley wine region and fills them with its strong blond ale, imparting a complex white wine character to the beer with a hint of oak. After several months of maturation, lemon peel, orange peel and dried white figs are added to each barrel and allow a slow, steady fruit fermentation to take place.

Several more rounds of figs are added over a 12 month period, contributing layer upon layer of flavor until the beer has achieved optimum fruit intensity. The fruited beer is then transferred to a stainless steel tank and blended with a small portion of non-fruited sour blond ale until the desired balance of flavors is achieved. The beer comes in at nine percent alcohol by volume.

“The release of Figaro is welcome news to many of our consumers and wholesalers alike due to the fact that we have been out of stock on this item for more than six months,” noted Tim Larrance, VP of Marketing and Sales. “The 2014 release sold out in record time and we fully expect this one to do the same.”

Figaro is a tier one offering; Cascade’s new bottles have distinct label styles for each of the three Cascade Brewing pricing tiers, with each label within the tier utilizing distinctive colors to clearly differentiate each beer. The tiers differ by the style of beer used in the product, the type ingredients contained within, the time aged in the barrels and types of barrels used.

The next two scheduled Cascade Brewing releases are Framblanc in July followed by Sang Noir in August.


Søle Artisan Ales Bar+Bottle Opening In Easton, PA 6/28

imageFrom Søle:

Myself and everyone at Søle is pleased to announce that our brand new Søle Bar+Bottle location will officially open for normal business THIS WEDNESDAY at 2:00pm on the corner of Northampton & 611 in Downtown Easton, just over the Free Bridge.
(Our normal business operating hours can be found above in our profile.)
Bar+Bottle concept was created to deliver a clean, pure space to experience our beer in the optimum environment. We sought to offer a different take on what a brewery taproom could be and Laura and I decided to take inspiration from the European beer cafes we frequented in our travels.
Inside Bar+Bottle you will find two bars and 32 taps, 16 mirrored on each side featuring 13 draft beers, NITRO Cold brew from @electriccityroasting, and 2 wines on tap from @pinnacleridgewinery. In addition to our main bar, we have a dedicated bar for growler/crowler fills, takeout beer, as well as draft pours available. Merchandise is available, and the fridge is stocked with fresh cans and vintage bottle releases from our cellar.
We have lots of surprises in store for you throughout the next two weeks! This has been a long time coming and we cannot wait to show you the space we have created


Alpine Beer Adding Process Of Belief Framboise

imageToday we get to see an exciting new bottle coming from Alpine Beer.  This is Process of Belief Framboise and it is a Lambic-style beer.  The ale is age din French oak wine barrels with raspberries and the beer rolls in at 6.6%-AbV.  This is the 500ml bottle and stay tuned here for release details.


Angel City Adding 2017 Avocado Ale 16oz Cans

imageThis morning we get a peek at 2017 Avocado Ale from Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles, CA.  This beer is brewed with California-grown avocados, honey, cilantro, garlic, peppers and lime juice and it is brewed with the 5th annual Avocado Festival.  The beer is base don a Kölsch-style ale and it will be packaged in 16oz cans.


Sun King Updating Fistful Of Hops 16oz Cans

imageThis morning we get to see the latest design for Fistful of Hops from Sun King Brewing in Indianapolis, IN.  This IPA will remain in 16oz cans.


Crooked Stave IPA, Von Pilsner & Trellis Buster 12oz Cans

imageToday we get to see several more new cans coming from Crooked Stave in Denver, COIPA is an American IPA that will hit 6%-AbV, Von Pilsner is a Keller Pilsner that hits 5%-AbV and Trellis Buster is a double IPA that hits 8.5%-AbV).  These are all 12oz cans.imageimage


MadTree Partners with STEM Non-Profit to Launch New Canned IPA

imageFrom MadTree:

CINCINNATI (June 26, 2017) – MadTree Brewing spent nearly two years carefully researching and experimenting before launching cans of their newest IPA, Entropic Theory, on Thursday, June 29. This heavily hopped beer leads with a soft, tropical fruit flavor rather than traditional, extreme, bitter flavors. The brewing and quality lab teams at MadTree methodically developed this beer through more than twenty different recipe iterations as a part of their Treesearch Experimental IPA project.

MadTree was founded with a very scientific approach to brewing beer. Therefore, it was a natural fit to partner with iSPACE, a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) 501(c)(3) non-profit, to raise money to promote STEM education for children around the region. It also supports MadTree’s core belief that beer builds community and community builds beer.

“The Treesearch project and Entropic Theory were the byproduct of a close partnership of the brewers and lab staff to create such an amazing tropical fruit flavor profile,” said MadTree Brewing lab manager, Ellen Lehman. “It was a really rewarding process to use science to create art.”

In Physics, entropic theories generally describe forces that emerge from ever-increasing entropy. Jargon aside, Entropic Theory (the beer) refers to a unique feature of all these entropic forces – they are chaotic and unpredictable at infinitesimally tiny distances, yet develop ordered patterns over large distances. A useful illustration of this concept would be an artistic mosaic, which appears to be a random collection stone or glass pieces at a short distance. However, at a greater distance, patterns emerge from what appeared to be disorder. This emergence of order from chaos can also be seen in the fermentation process, which involves the chaotically complex conversion of wort to beer by yeast.

On Thursday, June 29, MadTree will donate a portion of proceeds from all Entropic Theory single can, six-pack, and merchandise sales from 4PM-8PMin the MadTree taproom (3301 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209) to iSPACE. Additionally, iSPACE will be on-site with STEM demonstrations and activities for kids. Catch-A-Fire Café will offer some special menu items along with their full menu all day.

There will be a limit of one case of cans per person. Can and draft distribution to restaurants, bars, and retailers will begin June 30. Find more information about upcoming Entropic Theory launch events at


Wicked Weed - Denouement Coming To Canvas Series

imageToday we get to see a new Canvas Series beer coming from Wicked Weed.  This is Denouement and it is an American sour ale aged in neutral wine barrels with NO fruits, spices or herbs.  This “purist” sour ale showcases the “nuance and subtlety” of their wild yeast strains and the beer hits 7.4%-AbV.  This is the 500ml bottle.


Revision Brewing Adds Idaho and Australia Distribution

imageFrom Revision:

SPARKS, NV. (June 26, 2017) – What do Idaho and Australia have in common? Revision Brewing Company of course!

Things are moving at a rapid pace for the new IPA-focused brewing company out of Northern Nevada. By the end of June, Revision Brewing Company is proud to announce that they will be sending product to both Northwest Specialty Beverage based out of Idaho and also to Redwood Distribution which is based out of Australia. 

Northwest Specialty Beverage, one of Revision Brewing Company’s two newest distribution houses, is located in Boise, Idaho. The owner/CEO of Northwest Specialty Beverage, Grant Core seeks brands out that he feels would be a good fit for his company. Core’s dedication to craft beer and offering quality products to Idahoans was apparent when he traveled to Revision Brewing Company’s Grand Opening Party in Sparks, Nevada to express his interest in the brand in person.

The other new addition to Revision Brewing Company’s distribution network is Redwood Distribution. Located in Victoria, Australia, Redwood Distribution is a husband-and-wife-owned boutique craft beer importer and wholesale distributor. Redwood Distribution pursues a diverse selection of award-winning breweries to populate their craft beer portfolio. Revision Brewing Company is the second brewing company that Brewmaster Jeremy Warren has founded that Redwood Distribution has reached out to in hopes of securing the distribution rights in Australia.

Adding both Idaho and Australia to Revision’s distribution footprint is most definitely an exciting opportunity especially when one considers that Revision Brewing Company only recently began beer production in March of 2017. Those quick to the draw in Idaho and Australia will now have access to Revision’s deliciously danky IPAs!


Guinness Celebrating 200 Years in America

imageToday we get to see what I suspect will be the first of many packages celebrating 200 Years of Guinness in America.  This is Guinness Draught Stout and this special edition can features Mount Rushmore.  This is the 14.9oz can and stay tuned for more.


Coors Banquet Continues To "Protect Our West" In 2017

imageFrom Coors:

CHICAGO, IL  June 26, 2017  Since 2014, Coors Banquet drinkers throughout the West have raised more than $750,000 in support of wildland firefighters and their families by simply enjoying the Banquet Beer. This summer, Coors Banquet is once again inviting people to join in supporting the wildland firefighters who risk their lives to preserve our Western heritage by purchasing Coors Banquet in participating states.

Now through September 30, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) will receive 25 cents for every case of Coors Banquet sold in Arizona, northern California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, collecting up to $250,000 in an effort to bring all-time donations to more than $1 million. The WFF is a non-profit that has provided emergency support to the families of firefighters who have been killed or seriously injured in the line of duty since 1997.

"Coors Banquet is a brand that takes great pride in its Western roots and the timeless values that make the West a special place," said Brian Erhardt, MillerCoors regional vice president of sales for the Pacific region.

"That's why it's so important for us to show our gratitude for the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who put it all on the line to protect it. We couldn't think of a better way to do so than to give Banquet drinkers across the West a way to celebrate the heroes who preserve its beauty and support the Wildland Firefighter Foundation."

In addition to raising funds for the WFF, Coors Banquet is committed to raising awareness of the amazing work done by wildland firefighters. That's why Coors Banquet is sponsoring "Protect Our West Night" featuring Trace Adkins in Seattle on June 27. The event will take place at the "Outside Corner" of Safeco Field before the Mariners face off against the Phillies. Ten dollars of every ticket sold for this special event will benefit the WFF. Coors Banquet also will donate tickets to firehouses around Seattle. Banquet fans can find VIP tickets to "Protect Our West Night" by visiting

"The past few years have marked a new page in our organization's history," said Burk Minor, acting executive director of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. "The support from Coors Banquet has provided us with the resources to care for fallen firefighters in ways we could only dream of before. It can sometimes feel like our firefighters' sacrifice goes unnoticed, but with this recognition and support from Coors Banquet, we all feel proud that folks can see how much we put on the line to protect our West."

Additional details can be found at Coors Banquet "Protect Our West" displays at participating retailers or by visiting


The Veil Releasing Never Never Sufficient Sufficient, We We Ded Ded & Master Master Shredder Shredded 6/27

imageFrom The Veil Brewing:

This Tuesday June 27th will be the debut of NEVER NEVER SUFFICIENT SUFFICIENT! 

A seriously irresponsible amount of sweet and sour cherry purée was added to make this double cherry version of our cherry Gose Never Sufficient. This one is cherry insanity. If you think this beer doesn't have enough cherry in it, you should go to the doctor my friend.  We have never put this much fruit in a beer before. For realzies. Shooting for approx 170-195 cases. $22+tax/4-pack. 2x 4-packs per person. *LIMITS SUBJECT TO CHANGE*

We're pumped on the line up for this Tuesday's can release. Doors open at 4pm. Hope to see y'all there!

This Tuesday June 27th will be the debut of We We Ded Ded!
Oh boy! We done did it again! We took our 100% Citra TIPA We Ded Mon and hit it with a double dry-hopping. Don't even know what to say about this one. Clocking it at 11%, this is just straight hop jooze. Cray! Shooting for approx 170-195 cases. $19+tax/4-pack. 3x 4-packs per person. *LIMITS SUBJECT TO CHANGE*
This will be one of our last canning runs in the limited release printed cans. We will be moving to blank cans with small square labels for one-offs, new brands, limited release batches, and eventually everything. Hope that's ok with y'all!
One more insane beer TBA for Tuesday's release. You won't want to miss this one!


This Tuesday June 27th will be the return of Master Master Shredder Shredder(first time in over 8 months)! ⚡️⚡️

The return of the double dry-hopped version of our house IPA Master Shredder. 5.5%, loaded with with all the hops, and just an insane crusher. We you MMSS! Shooting for approx 205-225 cases. $14.50+tax/4-pack. 4x 4-packs per person. *LIMITS SUBJECT TO CHANGE*

Two more ales TBA for Tuesday's can release. Stay tuned!


Cape May Brewing Company Names John Appel COO

imageFrom Cape May Brewing:

Cape May, NJ-- Cape May Brewing Company, the Jersey Shore’s premier local brewery, is pleased to welcome the newest member of their team. John Appel, a fifteen-year food and beverage industry veteran has signed on as the company’s new COO.

“John is a seasoned professional who fits in well with our entrepreneurial culture,” says CMBC president and co-founder, Ryan Krill. “His wealth of experience and proven track record will serve invaluable in leading our strategic growth and managing our 56 team members, bringing a great deal of knowledge and perspective to the table.”

A California native, Appel graduated with a BS in Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. His career in roles ranging from CFO to interim CEO claims a series of accomplishments in enhancing company performance through assisting their founders in creating scalable processes and building teams, ultimately increasing sales and production.

After a career on Wall Street as a Financial Analyst with Merrill Lynch and directing mergers and acquisitions and leveraged buyouts with Dillon, Read & Co., Appel joined the largest privately-owned bank in the country, Emigrant Savings Bank, starting their food and beverage investing group.

In 2012, John created Global Restaurant Group with a business partner, developing and operating KFC restaurants in Kyiv. After the unrest in Ukraine and Crimea, Appel returned stateside to join Magnolia Brewing Company in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.

Fresh off a $7M expansion from their original pub and 7-barrel brewhouse to a 30-barrel brewhouse production brewery and adjacent BBQ restaurant, Magnolia hired Appel after the expansion to help them manage their finances, develop their operations, and enhance their growth. Under his leadership they grew distribution into Portland and Los Angeles, and launched their first packaged beer with 6-pack cans, which grew Magnolia's output by nearly 50% between 2016 and 2017.

Appel sees a lot of opportunity in the craft beer industry in South Jersey. Coming from an area as saturated as San Francisco, he sees some commonalities and some stark differences.

“People love craft beer here as much as they do there,” he says, “but there are far fewer options. Cape May Brewing Company is a leader here. I love the fact that every bar or restaurant that sells craft beer in Cape May sells Cape May Brewing Company beer. We are the local beer of Cape May.”

Appel believes that being associated with Cape May is an extraordinarily positive aspect of CMBC’s positioning within the market -- Cape May evokes so many great things to a great number of people.

“For anyone who has vacationed in Cape May before, just the mention of Cape May brings back great memories,” he says. “To be tied to the good feelings associated with Cape May and have that as part of our identity is a great advantage.”

Appel and his wife Sangeeta are among the people who’d vacationed in Cape May in the past and created great memories.

“We loved the old Victorian homes, the boardwalk, just the general vibe and feel of Cape May,” he says.

Being a California native and having spent much of his life on the West Coast, John loves being in a beach community with Cape May’s singular combination of nostalgia in a relaxed atmosphere.

“On the West Coast, you either have nostalgic or laid back; you don’t have a lot of both,” Appel says, laughing. “You can go to San Francisco and see a lot of Victorian architecture, but it’s not a beach vibe. Or you can go to the beach, but at most places it’s either upscale, luxury homes or small, old beach bungalows. But to take a charming, Victorian town and plop it on a beach that’s as beautiful as any beach anywhere, that’s pretty unique.”

Appel sees that his role with CMBC is the perfect next step in his career path. It leverages his experience with high-growth, young beverage companies, including tripling the sales of a local craft soda business, doubling the sales of a Southern California smoothie shop chain, and doubling sales at a Northern California juice business.

“I feel right at home here,” Appel says. “When I look at the scope of things that I’ll be doing over the next year and beyond, it’s all things that are right in my wheelhouse.”


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